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Our Vegan Kitchen Must-Haves for 2023

Are you ready to take your vegan culinary prowess to the next level? We’ve scoured the depths of the web to bring you the ultimate collection of products that will enhance your plant-based journey.

The goods

1. Smoothie Master: High-Performance Blender

Say goodbye to lumpy smoothies and hello to pure creamy perfection! A High-Performance Blender is going to change your world, everything from fresh cashew cream to cushing that banana and acaii smoothie is done with ease with the VitaMix. Honourable mention goes to the Ninja, but the Vita gives God-Tier mixology.

Link: VitaMix Ascent Series

2. Culinary Superhero: Versatile Food Processor

OK so it requires #1 above, but this VitaMix attachment will Chop, slice, and dice you way to culinary greatness. We do so much prep as it is, so give those vegetables what for and spend more time on your accoutrement!.

Link: Vitamix Food Processor

3. The First Non-Bee Honey – Mellody Honey

Honey is one of those contentious vegan discussions, with many questionable practices by the larger producers. Plant-based honey alternatives tend to be sugar-laden affairs, without the health benefits of a bee-made honey. So Mellody sought out to change all that, with their 1:1 bee-less honey. It tastes, performs just like the real thing (will it survive 5000 years like this honey? Time will tell). This new product has the potential to sweeten up a number of vegan sweets like never before!

Link: Melody Honey

4. AI-powered Vegan Cheese

We’re culminating the best vegan cheeses for another article, but the team at Climax foods in California has been on our radar (also, Hollywood folks should checkout Vromage!). One of the main “this is what I’ll miss” about turning vegan is cheese (that Casein is addictive) so up your charcuterie game next time for the summer!

Link: Climax Foods Vegan Cheese

5. Apple Watch Ultra

Okay this is a parlay into fitness, but the Apple watch (with Siri) is a super helpful kitchen assistant. Just tell siri to set a timer for the potatoes and she’s with you (Jamie Lee Curtis’ character in The Bear should take note!). Bonus points on the non-leather band.

Link: Apple Watch Ultra – Fitness Tracker

6. Tofu Magician: Tofu Press

Get the perfect tofu texture every time with the Tofu Press. Say goodbye to paper towel towers and hello to consistently delicious tofu dishes that will make your taste buds dance with delight!

Link: Tofu Press

7. Mind Blown Seafood

Scallops, Shrimp, and Crab Cakes have been high on our list for replacement versions for years. And along comes Mind Blown seafood to bring us their offering. The Sea Scallops are the signature dish from these folks, we can’t wait to try these out at our next dinner party.

Link: Plant Based Seafood Co

8. Reusable Straws with an Ergo Tip

More on the sustainability side, these reusable straws reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment. Silicone based, these eco-friendly alternatives add a dash of style to your sips while being kind to Mother Earth.

Link: Reusable Straws

9. Green Pan Non-Stick Fry Pan

Whether you’re working with fried tofu, Just Egg, or perfecting a batch of pancakes, we absolutely swear by our Green Pan for keeping things easy. Using coconut oil can often create some sticking issues with the best of pans, but the Green Pan handles everything with ease if kept clean. These pans are hard anodized (with diamonds!) using a healthy ceramic nonstick surface which is PFAS-Free and oven safe: Protip: Lift ingrain fats from all your pans periodically with a 3M magic eraser (good as new!).

Link: Green Pan 10″ Fry PAn


From silky smoothies to creatively chopped veggies, these vegan-friendly tools and ingredients will take your culinary skills to the next level and maybe even impress your hard core omnivore nemeses. Gear up, blend up, and spice up our way to a fun and fabulous vegan kitchen! Let us know if you have a kitchen-hack we’ve missed!

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