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All the Vegan news that fits

Based in Los Angeles and Melbourne, we’ve spent the better part of our adulthood trying and failing at finding quality vegan offerings. From festivals, to food, to shoes, to restaurants, there’s good and bad in every city. Our hope is to shine a light on the people and products that push through and provide a special experience for those looking for a plant-based lifestyle.

Got News?

If you have a product or service that you’d like us to review or feature, please get in touch. We can’t guarantee a favorable review, but we get the feeling you’re here because what you’ve got is fire. Business enquiries and news leads can be sent to

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Want to join the cause?

We’re looking for vegans who can find, review, write about your corner of the world and how you exist in it! We have the US and Melbourne covered, but we’d love to hear from you.

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